Kickstarter update, July

June's done, now it's time to ship...!

TWFNO postcard set

TWFNO postcard set

The postcard sets have arrived and they are a knock-out! 

Each color image is on 5" x 7" cardstock with a matte finish, featuring the cover of the scrapbook itself, one insert of the original storyboard image by John Lamb and photos from the film shoot at the old La Brea Stage. Four beautiful Tom Waits character study drawings by Keith Newton complete the postcard set - making this limited edition printing not only rare, but truly worth framing.

However, if you have a friend in mind, the postcards are addressable and the back features a rotoscoped Waits, with text to set the card's context in place and time.

Postcard back

Postcard back

Backers who ordered the postcards only will see them ship in July. 

So what else is new??? 

The tees required a ten color process to render the image as close to the original as possible - and it turned out beautifully. Shirts will also ship in July for those who ordered shirts only.

For those who ordered the book, the rotoscope drawing or a bundle, the first test print of the book has been received and we love what we John's hot onto the next draft.

The rotoscope drawings are being handpicked and will be shipped in early August. When the book is completed, the bundled rewards (book, rotoscope drawing, t-shirt, postcards, etc.) will be shipped, most likely in September. 

Hold tight, there's more to come!

© John Lamb 2014