It's a wrap - here's to our Backers! 

Tom Waits For No One: The Illustrated Scrapbook 

With the help of this Kickstarter campaign, the finest elements of the film, including animation cels, rotoscope drawings, character studies and backgrounds are being compiled into a gorgeous hardcover book with 160 pages documenting the artwork and inspiration behind Tom Waits For No One.

The leading animation and music video historian, Gunnar Strom, has written the Foreword, identifying the book's special place in animation and music video history. The Introduction, by director John Lamb, will provide new insight into the film and the book will include a narrative throughout to bring you inside the story of these young animators and their illustration of a young Tom Waits.

This Kickstarter campaign will fund a limited run of 250 books and if our funding goal is met, we will open up additional, exciting stretch goals with a goal of recovering the original live action footage and restoring the film itself.

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign - we can't wait to get the book completed!

We'll continue to send regular updates through the Kickstarter campaign.

Much love to those who made this campaign possible:

Jack Lamb, brother in arms

Gary Lamb, the voice of the campaign

Jeremy Farrance, fearless, tireless and creative instigator!

Rex and Ryan Lamb, screen printing extraordinaire

Zach Cordner and the team at Transition Visual Agency

John Lamb: where the crazy idea for the film all began

© John Lamb 2014