Tom Waits For No One: the Illustrated Scrapbook


Tom Waits For No One: the Illustrated Scrapbook


The Book

- Signed, numbered first edition of 250 hardcover books with beautiful color dust jacket

- 154 pages of full-color images of artwork, photos, drawings, rare interviews with Tom Waits and artifacts from the making of the music video

- Foreword by Gunnar Strøm, animated music video historian, professor in animation at Volda University College, Norway

- Introduction by the film's director, John Lamb

- Includes table of contents, an index, and an Author's Preface

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The book will include never-before-seen images from the director's private scrapbook, including images of the choicest animation cels, rotoscope drawings, airbrushed backgrounds by Ray Roberts and character studies from across the animation team - all documenting the artwork and inspiration behind Tom Waits For No One

The Foreword by animated music video historian Gunnar Strøm is a panoramic view of the history of rotoscoped animation, and identifies Tom Waits For No One's unique place in animation history. The Introduction by John Lamb will bring you inside the production and introduce you to some of the finest animators today, when they were on their first animation job, creating Tom Waits For No One.

Some of the animators include: David Silverman (The Simpsons), Mike Cressy (Electronic Arts), Keith Newton (Pocahontas), Harry Sabin (Iron Giant, American Dad), and Ray Rogers, a now renowned artist in the Plein Air style.

Each purchase of the book directly supports the film's restoration campaign, with 20% of book purchase being dedicated to the restoration! With a purchase of the first edition book, your name will be included in the credits when the film is restored!

For more info on the restoration, see:

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