Meschiya Lake and Tom McDermott featured!

If you have heard Meschiya Lake sing, you've heard one of the most talented and unique vocalists in the U.S. today. With a range that swings from jazz, to blues, to old timey and alternately performing songs from Hanks Williams, Tom Waits and the Great American Songbook, Lake's presence is unmistakable, being recognized as Female Performer of the Year three years running by New Orleans' Big Easy Awards. 

Tom McDermott is one of New Orleans' premiere piano players and composers, whose work has been embraced beyond NOLA, writing for the Obie Award winning off-Broadway show Nita & Zita, appearing on several shows on NPR, and traveled the world, playing with the Dukes of Dixieland and the New Orleans Nightcrawlers, 

For years, Meshiya and Tom have been featured on Wednesdays at the New Orleans' club Chickie Wah Wah. Their album Meschiya Lake and Tom McDermott was recorded at Chickie Wah Wah and produced by the recording legend John Porter in 2012. 

We are thrilled to feature Tom & Meschiya at the Tom Waits For No One 35th Anniversary Celebration - won't you support the campaign and join us in Los Angeles with Tom and Meschiya, live the at old La Brea Stage? 

Dig this folks, here's Tom and Meschiya doing Hank Williams' "Hey Good Lookin'"

...and one of my personal favorites shows Meschiya's incredible vocal range "I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About".

© John Lamb 2014